BASIC 2019 was the fifth in a new series of conferences on physics. 
The meeting took place 6-12 January 2019, at Stella Maris, Long Island, The Bahamas.

Niayesh Afshordi, Cosmological non-Constant Problem

David Benisty, The mass of the local group of galaxies and cosmology

Thom Curtright, Reminiscences about the 20th Century

Albert De Roeck, Physics Highlights from the LHC

Doug Edmonds, A Fundamental Acceleration Scale in Galaxy Clusters

Eduardo Guendelman, Scale Invariance in Cosmology and Particle Physics without a 5th Force

Andrea Mauri, Flavour Anomalies at LHCb

Sergio Mendoza, A metric approach to gravity for astrophysical scenarios

Allan Spector, HC Prospects for The Bahamas - Updated

The 2019 conference once again emphasized astrophysics, cosmology, gravitation, and particle physics, both theory and experiment.   Among these subjects, a consensus was used to determine the focus of the meeting, with more emphasis given to particle experiments, especially those at the LHC.

As always, the isolation of Stella Maris was conducive to concentrated study.  The small number of participants in this conference allowed for in-depth talks and discussion sessions.  To the left is a list of a few conference talks, along with links to the talk slides.

Suggestions are welcome for future conference themes and areas to be emphasized. 
We will seriously consider your recommendations and we hope that you will participate in future BASIC events.

Finally, we thank all the participants for making this another successful meeting in this series.

Thomas Curtright and Eduardo Guendelman

Conference Organizers