Sponsored in part by FQXi and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, in cooperation with the University of the Bahamas and the University of Miami.
A workshop on solitons, instantons, and other topological features, the fourth BASIC event, took place between 1 July and 14 July 2018, at Stella Maris, Long Island, The BahamasThe workshop was organized by Thomas Curtright, Eduardo Guendelman, and Manu ParanjapeA consensus among the participants was used to select specific topics and determine the focus of the meeting.  A partial list of the workshop talks follows.

Stefano Ansoldi, A solved problem and future perspectives in baby/child universe formation
Cliff Burgess, Open EFTs and Gravity as a Medium
Thomas Curtright, Kinky Galileons
Eduardo Guendelman,
Stabilizing Scale Invariant Theories and a Unified Picture of DM and DE
Manu Paranjape, Twin Paradox, Solitons & Instantons in CP Breaking, False Skyrmion Decay, Tunneling and Haldane-like Spin Chain
Sarada Rajeev
, Helicity and the Dissipation Of Energy in Incompressible Fluids
Urjit Yajnik, Einstein on light: from waves to quanta and back, Pseudo-defects, Fermion number and induced stability

Most participants were accommodated at the Stella Maris Resort which offered a substantial discount from its regular rates.  Please see this link for resort details and upcoming specials.  For more information about hotel and travel arrangements for future BASIC events, please contact Jill Smith (either by email or by telephone: 1 242 3382050 or 51 or 27).  It may also help to use the travel program offered by The Out Islands of the Bahamas.

We welcome suggestions for future workshop themes and areas to be emphasized.  We look forward to receiving your suggestions and we hope to see you at future BASIC events.


Thomas Curtright and Eduardo Guendelman