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Peter G. O. Freund (1936-2018)
Steven Hawking (1942-2018)
Joseph G. Polchinski  (1954-2018)

This webpage will be updated from time to time as more information becomes available.
BASIC 2018 will be the third in a new series of conferences on physics, to take place between 13 May and 19 May 2018, at Stella Maris, Long Island, in the BahamasThere will be no registration fee.  A precise schedule of events will be available soon. 

Since the conference begins in less than two weeks
, the regular application link is no longer availableBut if you are belatedly interested to attend the conference, please send email to the organizers listed below.

All participants will be accommodated at the Stella Maris Resort which is offering a substantial discount from its regular rates.  Note that the resort offers "all inclusive" packages.  For more information about hotel and travel arrangements, please contact Jill Smith (either by email or by telephone: 1 242 3382050 or 51 or 27).

It may also help to use the travel program offered by The Out Islands of the Bahamas.

In addition, from time to time the Resort offers some special deals. 
Please see this link for details.

To the left is a tentative list of participants, to date.
  This list contains approximately the maximum number of participants allowed by the limited facilities.  Nevertheless, if you are interested to attend the conference please send email to the organizers listed below.

The 2018 conference will again emphasize particle physics, cosmology, and gravitation, both theory and experiment.   A
consensus among the participants will be used to select specific topics and determine the focus of the meeting.  Suggestions are welcome for future conference themes and areas to be emphasized.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions and we hope to see you at the conference.


Thomas Curtright and Eduardo Guendelman