BASIC 2017 was the second in a new series of conferences on physics. 
The meeting took place 12-18 March 2017, at Stella Maris, Long Island, The Bahamas.
Support for the meeting was provided by FQXi and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Arie Bodek, Precision measurement of the weak mixing angle and W mass

Thomas Curtright,
Areal Theory and Curvature Effects

Douglas Edmonds, Modified Dark Matter: Does Dark Matter Know about the Cosmological Constant?

Eduardo Guendelman,
Quintessential Inflation, Unified Dark Energy and Dark Matter, and Higgs Mechanism and Diffusive DE and DM

Claude McNamarah, Revisiting the Rotation Curve of Spiral Galaxies

Y. Jack Ng, Quantum gravity phenomenology: effective cosmological constant and dark matter

Yasunori Nomura, The Black Hole Firewall Paradox & A New Picture for Hawking Emission and The Quantum Multiverse

David Owen, Bethe-Salpeter Equation with Spin-1 Constituents

Pablo Rodriguez,  Integrable systems with BMS3 Poisson structure

Martin S. Sloth, Infrared issues in de Sitter space and asymptotic symmetries

Allan Spector, Sunspots & Climate Change and Geophysics and Hydrocarbon Exploration on Long Island

Ricardo Troncoso, Gravitation on AdS3 and the KdV hierarchy

Tom Weiler, Astrophysical Neutrino Production Diagnostics with the Glashow Resonance
The 2017 conference emphasized astrophysics, cosmology, gravitation, and particle physics, both theory and experiment.   Among these subjects, a consensus was used to determine the focus of the meeting.

The isolation of Stella Maris was conducive to concentrated study.  The small number of participants in this conference allowed for in-depth talks and discussion sessions.  To the left is a list of the conference talks, along with links to the talk slides.

Suggestions are welcome for future conference themes and areas to be emphasized. 
We will seriously consider your recommendations and we hope that you will participate in future BASIC events.

Finally, on behalf of all the participants, we thank the Foundational Questions Institute and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation for their generous support of this conference.

Thomas Curtright and Eduardo Guendelman

Conference Organizers