Steering Committee:
Diego Castano, Nova Southeastern University (outreach)
Jo Ann Curtright, University of Miami (administrative assistant)
Thomas Curtright, University of Miami (committee chairman)
Sydney Meshkov, California Institute of Technology (gravity waves/LIGO)
Luca Mezincescu, University of Miami (new ideas/recent dev's)
Stephan Mintz, Florida International University (neutrinos)
Arnold Perlmutter, University of Miami (emeritus)
Pierre Ramond, University of Florida (extra dimensions)

Session Organizers:
Don Colladay, New College of Florida (testing Lorentz/CPT)
Ruth Daly, Penn State University (cosmology/dark energy)
Paul Frampton, Oxford (cosmology)
Jaume Gomis, Perimeter Institute (strings/branes)
Tom Kephart, Vanderbilt University (beyond standard model)
Djordje Minic, Virginia Tech (string theory)
Guenakh Mitselmakher, University of Florida (Tevatron/LHC)
Rajamani Narayanan, Florida International University (progress in QCD)
Ina Sarcevic, University of Arizona (neutrinos)
Cosmas Zachos, Argonne National Laboratory (new ideas/recent dev's)

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