During the conference, we gave software awards to promising young participants in recognition of their contributions to the meeting.  These awards consisted of single-user, licensed copies of  Maple 11, Mathematica 6, MuPAD 4, and Scientific Workplace 5.5.  The software was kindly provided by the manufacturers:  Maplesoft, Wolfram Research, SciFace, and MacKichan Software, respectively.  We thank each of these benefactors for their generous support.

The undergraduate participant award, a copy of Maple, went to Andy Kirou, University of Miami.
The student presentation award, a copy of Mathematica, went to
Peggy Kouroumalou, University of Athens.

As is our tradition, two other awards were given to honor Sydney Meshkov and Arnold Perlmutter, as recognition that each has attended 36 particle physics meetings in south Florida since 1964.  The awards were given in their names to students participating in the conference for the first time.

The Meshkov Award, a copy of Maple, went to Pearl Sandick, University of Minnesota.
The Perlmutter Award, a copy of both Scientific Workplace and MuPAD went to Kory Stiffler, University of Iowa.

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Meshkov & Perlmutter awardees