Speakers and talk titles for Miami 2005

Thomas Appelquist Family Gauge Symmetry and Flavor Mixing

David Berenstein Emergent gravity from SYM

Per Berglund Flux Compactifications, Non-Perturbative Superpotentials and String Duality

Eric Bergshoeff Ten-dimensional Supergravity revisited

Stefano Bolognesi The Wall Vortex

Eric Braaten The X(3872) Files

Lars Brink Two superfields in search of a theory

Roman Buniy Entanglement entropy, black holes and holography

Cliff Burgess Supersymmetric Large Extra Dimensions

Xavier Calmet Gravity on Noncommutative Spacetime

David Cline Prospects for the Discovery of Dark Matter WIMPS

Thomas Curtright Biorthogonal Quantum Systems (poster session)

Ruth A. Daly The Acceleration of the Universe

Sumit R. Das Cosmological Singularities from Matrices

Senarath (Shanta) de Alwis The Wave Function of the Universe and the Landscape of String Theory

James Dent Hubble Era Cosmology of M-Theory Moduli

Hector de Vega Early Universe Cosmology and Fundamental Physics

Francois Englert Extended gravity and the reconstruction of space-time

Lisa L. Everett Cabibbo Haze in Lepton Mixing

David B. Fairlie An Associative Algebra for Quasicrystals

Ali R. Fazely IceCube at the South Pole, Progress and Status

Paul H. Frampton Conformality from Holography

James N Fry Effects of Inhomogeneities on Cosmic Expansion

Haim Goldberg Neutrino astronomy as a probe of quantum decoherence

Jaume Gomis Nonrelativistic Superstrings

O.W. Greenberg Microcausality in QFT on noncommutative spacetime

Eduardo Guendelman Strings, Branes with Dynamical Tension & Weyl Invariant Light-like Branes in Black Hole and Higher Dimensional Physics

Joshua Gundersen CMB Polarization Experiments

Elias Okon Gurvich Generalized Quantum Relativistic Kinematics: A Stability Point of View

Ken-ji Hamada Primordial Spectrum From Background Free Quantum Gravity

Xiao-Gang He Model of Geometric Neutrino Mixing and Leptogenesis

Elizabeth Jenkins Leptogenesis and Neutrino Physics

George Jorjadze Liouville theory: coherent states, S-matrix and vertex operators

Tom Kephart Density Perturbations in an Eccentric Universe

Alan Kostelecky Lorentz Violation, Neutrinos, and Gravity

Ralf Lehnert Broken spacetime symmetries

Ramon Lopez-Aleman Perturbative Evolution of orbits around Supermassive Black Holes with radiation reaction

Ian Low Dynamical Breaking of Lorentz Symmetry

Danny Marfatia Mass-varying neutrino oscillations, or Neutrino oscillation tests of neutrino dark energy

Patrick McDonald Probing Lorentz Symmetry with Bose-Einstein Condensates

Yannick Meurice Large order behavior of series and global RG flows

Peter Minkowski On the apparent likeness of local gauges and their underlying physics

Stephan L. Mintz The Weak Production of Λ and Σ0 Hyperons in Antineutrino-Proton Scattering

John W Moffat Dark Matter, Dark Energy and the Cosmological Constant Problem

Robert Myers AdS Inflation

Satya  Nandi Unification of the gauge and Higgs couplings with extra dimensions

Rajamani Narayanan The low and high temperature phase of large N QCD

Pran Nath A new SO(10) unification with a single spinor-vector Higgs

Yuval Ne'eman "Total" Relativity, the Higgs Field and the Cosmological Expansion

Y. Jack Ng Probing spacetime foam with extragalactic sources

Jonathan M. Paley Hadron Production Cross-Section Measurements for Current and Future Neutrino Experiments

Stephen Pinsky Direct Evidence for the Maldacena Conjecture, for N=(8,8) SYM in (1,1)

Alexios Polychronakos The noncommutative Chern-Simons action on the sphere and quantum Hall states

John Ralston Testing the Symmetries of the CMB with Polarization Observables

Vincent Rodgers Can the Algebra of Diffeomorphisms Explain Dark Energy?

Fernando Ruiz Position-dependent deformations and field theory

Norma G. Sanchez Conceptual unification of elementary  particles, black holes, quantum de Sitter and Anti de Sitter string states

Ina Sarcevic Probing the Physics Beyond the Standard Model with Supernova Neutrinos

Misak Sargsian Quark Hadron Transition in the Nuclear Medium

George Savvidy Non-Abelian tensor gauge fields:  Generalization of Yang-Mills theory

David Schuster Supersymmetric Biorthogonal Quantum Systems (poster session)

Ergin Sezgin Higher Spin Gauge Theory and AdS Cosmology

Qaisar Shafi Flipped SU(5) and δT/T

Arunansu Sil TeV Scale Leptogenesis, Theta(13), and Doubly Charged Particles at the LHC

George Siopsis M-theory and the Gross-Neveu model in 2+1 dimensions

Milton Slaughter Second Class Currents and the $\Delta N\gamma$ Electromagnetic Transition Form Factors

Abner Soffer Searches for New Physics at BaBar

Kellogg Stelle String corrections and special generalized holonomy

Charles B. Thorn One Loop QCD on the Lightcone Worldsheet

Niels Tuning Search for New Physics with the LHCb detector

Arkady Tseytlin Quantum corrections to string energies and AdS/CFT

Andrzej Veitia Modifications of the Wigner-Moyal Equation  (poster session)

O. A. Veliev Perturbation Theory for the Multidimensional Schrodinger Operator with a Periodic Potential

Pavel Winternitz Continuous symmetries of discrete equations: Lorentz and Galilei invariance on lattices

Carlos E. Yaguna Learning about SUSY and testing the seesaw with LFV

Osamu Yasuda Exact formula of three flavor neutrino oscillation probability and its application to high energy astrophysical neutrinos

Tetsuyuki Yukawa Birth and Evolution of Simplicial Universe

Cosmas Zachos Ring-indexed Lie Algebras